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21 November 2009

Happy Birth day

Paulo Immnuel birth day 9th

Today, Paulo Immanuel Simanjuntak, my second son was celebare the birth day 9 th. Truely November, 21, 1999 He was born in Lumban Lobu, Toba Samosir. Now He is class 4 th in HKBP Elementery School. He is very glad now. I and my wife plan to celeberate his birth day on 2 o'clock. We will fired the fish from our water garden, and then we go to water spring. Last morning He and his old brother Jubel, and his young brother Parlaungan, also his sister Priscila Dewi said to him: HAPPY BIRTH DAY PAULO.
Happy birth day Paulo..........,
Happy birth day Paulo...........
Happy birth day, happy birth day...happy birth day PAULO..........

Oh God, we thank you for your kindness, today we celeberate Paulo's birthday. We hope him the health and spirit especially rejoice. amin.

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